Family Portrait Photography

Visiting Barbados with your family and want to have a professional record of these special times?

Is all the family back for the holidays? Have you noticed that your kids are getting bigger, much faster than you realized? Do you want to immortalize a moment in your family’s story?

Let's make sure that you've got a memento of this special time in your lives that will bring smiles and stories for decades to come!

I will work closely with you from your first contact, to decide the perfect location, the ideal clothing to wear, perhaps a few fun props for the kids (or the ‘grown-ups’), until you’ve got archival quality prints in your hand and memories to last a lifetime!.

Digital Only Package

Shot on location or in my studio (to be organized during our consultation)
Up to 2 hours of photography
10 retouched, high-resolution digital images
A private online gallery where you can select your favorites
Delivery within one week of final selection
Rush delivery may be arranged.

—This package does not include any prints—

A 10% Discount Compared to A-La-Carte.

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Digital + Print Package

Shot on location or in my studio (to be organized during our consultation)
Up to 3 hours of photography
15 retouched, high-resolution digital images
3 Archival Inkjet Prints of your choice, that's one each (4x6, 5x7 and 8x10)
A private gallery where you can select your favorites for delivery and printing
Delivery of digitals within one week of final selection
Delivery of prints within 10 days of final selection.

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All-In Package

Shot on location or in my studio (to be organized during our consultation)
Up to 3 hours of photography
25 retouched, high-resolution digital images
16 Archival Inkjet Prints: Five (4x6”, 5x7” & 8x10”) & One (12x16”)
A private online gallery where you can select your favorites for retouching and printing
Delivery of digital images within one week of final selection
Delivery of prints within 10 days of final selection
Rush delivery may be arranged for digital images only

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+Add Another Image+

Not enough final images?

You don’t need to feel restricted by the package structure, you can add as many final images as you’d like to your order!

We're only limited by what you're looking to invest.

$25.00 USD Per Image

+Add An Extra 60 Minutes+

This might be a good idea if
You’re planning on getting a big group together
You want to take photos in a hard-to-access location
You have small children
You plan to change outfits
Would like to have a large variety of images and groupings to choose from

$25 USD Per Hour

+Add Rush Delivery+

Need me to rush the digital processing for a speedy turnaround?
My standard is to deliver finished images within 1 week of your final selection, if that's not going to work for you, I can bend to suit!
Minimum rush time is 2 days after selection

$12.50 USD Per image

+Add Prints+

A common ‘complaint’ I hear from my family portrait clients who only order digital images is that they get put in a folder on their computer or phone and NEVER get printed! 

I get it! It's a hassle!

Check my Brochure for details.


Family Portrait FAQ

1. How customizable is my package?

You can build upon any of the mentioned packages and add rush deliveries, as many images, or time in studio as you like! The sky really is the limit!!

2. Why is your price point higher than your competitors?

I’ve tried to price myself based on what the Barbadian market can bear, without selling myself short (This is my livelihood after all). To keep prices down, you’re mostly paying for my time during the retouching process and my time on location. This ranges between 0.5 - 3 hours per image depending on the amount of work the image requires. When you hire me you’re also paying for my expertise, creative approach and the years of formal training, and self-instruction I’ve put into my career.

3. Where do you shoot?

I do studio sessions at my loft studio “The Hayloft” in Yorkshire Grove, Christ Church, but I can shoot anywhere in Barbados, or the Caribbean once travel expenses are covered. If you are outside of Barbados please contact me, I would still love to work with you!

4. Who takes the photos?

Me and only me! I’m a one-man show who will occasionally hire a studio assistant, but I am the only person who shoots client work under the banner of “Logan C Thomas”.

5. What kind of backdrops can we use?

I have standard white, grey, and black backdrops available, but there may be extra charges if we decide to go beyond those three. If you would like a specific/textured color backdrop to match your perfect family photo idea, there will be a fee to purchase/build a specific color/size backdrop. I need AT LEAST a weeks notice in order to get/build the specific backdrop and availability will determine whether or not it’s possible.

6. I like your work, but want my images to look different to the examples given, can you do that?

Absolutely! I am capable of photographing in multiple styles. In order to get the most out of working with me we’ve got to discuss this beforehand. The best way for us to do that is for you to gather 5-10 inspiration images, these will help me plan the shoot to get as close to your ideal as possible!

7. Do you take photographs of family events?

Sorry, no can do! My business model does not account for event-style photographs, if that’s the kind of service you’re looking for I can certainly recommend another photographer that will fulfill your needs!

8. What kind of camera do you use?

Ok this is something I get asked ALOT. There are a lot of photographers that are really into gear, but I’m not one of them - my tools are all professional-grade and that’s good enough for me (you can be the judge as to whether or not I my work speaks to that). Digital sensor technology has reached a point where the difference in quality, once the photographer is using a full-frame DSLR makes little to no difference to the quality of images the camera produces. The photographer you choose matters much, much more than the camera, that’s for sure.
With that out of the way, I work with a full-frame Nikon D750 for all of my commercial work and though it’s no medium-format Hasselblad with a digital back, it more than adequately delivers the quality that my clients and I need.

9. Will there be Any makeup and hairstyling provided?

Makeup and hair are not services I provide, however I work with excellent local makeup artists and we can arrange one that will suit your needs best after you’ve booked. Please make sure to schedule makeup and hair to be done before we arrive on location/in studio.

10. How many looks can we shoot?

You can change the look and location as many times as you like during our session. If you want to have a big group shot and then lots of individual groupings that’s not a problem! However if we go over our allotted time I will have to charge accordingly (no hard feelings!).

11. How many images are taken during the shoot?

Gone are the days where it’s necessary to limit the number of photos taken during a shoot! If I were still shooting film then this would be a necessity, however with digital imaging there’s no reason to put a cap on it. Each family I photograph brings their own energy and sometimes I’ll shoot more with one than another, that being said I take between 100-200 images per 60 minute session so don’t worry, there will be plenty of great images to choose from. Oftentimes my clients exclaim that choosing is the hardest part of the process!

12. How are images delivered?

Proofs (for selection) and final images are delivered via a private gallery on my website for simple and easy access, and selection. You will be able to access this gallery using your email address and a password I provide. Final images are delivered as JPEGs at 6000px 300dpi sRGB colour space, however if you prefer an alternative delivery format please let me know.

13. What is your turn-around time?

My standard turn-around time is 1 week after my clients make their final selections. If however my client needs some images rush delivered that can be arranged for a fee.

14. What are my rights to the images?

The fees for family photographs are structured for personal, private use only. That means that they can’t be used for advertising or commercial purposes. I retain my copyright to all images photographed and reserve the right to use the images for professional promotion unless otherwise arranged.

15. Scheduling/Rescheduling/Cancelation/Refund policy

There are no refunds for any payments for any reason whatsoever unless I have made a mistake.
Due to the complexity of scheduling many shoots and the time preparing and setting up for a shoot I have a strict cancelation/rescheduling policy.
Deposits and payments are non-refundable unless there was an error on my part. Shoots can be rescheduled, but if you want to reschedule with less than 48 hour notice the fee is $100 USD unless an act of God requires us to cancel.
It is important that you know, when booking a session you are agreeing to these terms, so hopefully you read this so that there are no misunderstandings and we avoid any animosity.

16. Do we get to keep all of the images?

None of the packages I offer involve delivery of all the images for your use. However I do offer the option to buyout all of the images from a specific shoot. For a family portrait shoot I offer a flat buyout rate of $400 USD. I will deliver the original Nikon RAW (.nef) images upon receipt of payment only. Be warned! RAW images are quite large ,

17. Where were you formally trained?

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Commercial and Fine Art photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia, in 2014.

18. Do you offer discounts for locals?

Sorry! No can do! My prices are fixed, whether you’re Simon Cowell or Mr. Alleyne next door, I’ve made a point of never altering my prices based on my customer’s nationality or their celebrity. HOWEVER I do negotiate discounted rates to repeat clients that want to build a long-term relationship; this typically happens if my client also operates their own business and regularly uses my services, or is in a position to regularly (and successfully) recommend me to visitors to the island.

Studio Location

Logan C Thomas, Pavilion Court, Hastings Christ Church, Barbados

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