Logan C Thomas is a Caribbean photographer based in Barbados who is known for his work in fashion, beauty, and portraiture. After receiving his BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Logan went on to manage and curate their art gallery in Lacoste, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, and his work has taken him from the USA to China, Norway to New Zealand.

Logan has developed his clean, minimalist style over the last 18 years and he often uses the crisp, tropical sunlight of Barbados to subtly craft his images.

Recent projects include: Fine Art Commission for the Quattro Passi Bistro at the Cliff, Car Insurance Company Almi.bb and their new advertising campaign, Portraits for the Flow Executive team, Miss Universe Barbados 2019-2021, Mac Cosmetics 2020, Beth & Tracie's 2020 Catalog, Ethical Luxury Brand Aspiga on location in Barbados, Harbor Lights' New Years Eve Promotional Images, Beth & Tracie's 2019 Catalog, Singita Wellness' Branding, Kala Waya Collections 2020 Catalog, West Indies Cricket Captain, Jason Holder, for the cover of M People Barbados and being commissioned by House of Jaipur to photograph 'Miss Trinidad and Tobago World 2018' for the cover of Ins & Outs Barbados’ Fashion Lookbook for 2019.

“A great photographer has: the willingness to go all the way, make mistakes and learn from them; the desire to listen, learn and grow constantly; the ability to focus their efforts to develop a distinct style and voice; the capacity to cultivate their sense of gratitude, honesty, resilience and patience; to recognize that they must appeal to their own sensibilities not those of others; and finally a great photographer must have compassion.”

Featured Guest on CBC TV8's Zeitgeist!

Kind words

“Something about Logan C Thomas ' work spoke to me in this unique way that I really loved. I chose his services and it was the best decision. He is very helpful and professional throughout the entire process - constant communication from planning, to the shoot, to afterwards. He allowed me to feel comfortable instantly when I thought initially that it would have been challenging. I could say without a doubt that I'd love to work with him again if the opportunity came. Great eye, very friendly and engaging.”

“World class ! Will recommend Logan with high commendations.”

“Logan is world class. He does not just take pictures he creates images that tell a story. I’m very happy with the whole experience. You will not be disappointed with hiring Logan and his team.”

“He is a professional and lovely guy to work with. Logan has a great eye for setting up shots for professional photography. He has provided us with a set of images that exceeded our expectations, so much so that we asked for more images than we originally required!”

“Great all rounded photographer- friendly, accommodating, professional, creative and good at what he does!”

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