Latest Interview with Zeitgeist Entertainment! For CBC TV8

Kota Forde-Cumberbatch reached out...

to me in August of 2020, requesting for an interview for "an upcoming series about Barbadian and international pop-culture and entertainment.". Needless to say I was surprised, and very honoured to be even considered for something like that. I am not the kind of guy who goes out of his way to see and be seen, and typically put my head down and "just do the work". So it was quite a compliment to be "seen" by Kota and the Zeitgeist Entertainment team.

Shortly after...

I booked my interview slot, Kota informed me that the series of interviews had to be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and so, I did assume that it wouldn't happen at all given the climate of the pandemic and the generally unsure times we've been living in.

An entire year later...

I got another email from Kota, this was shortly after hurricane Elsa and a while after the ash fall from the La Sourfiere volcanic eruption (I did a fine art piece using the volcanic ash, check that blog post out here). Zeitgeist was back, and for whatever reason they still wanted to interview me, which is something I will always remain thankful for, because there are so many insanely talented photographers in Barbados, they didn't have to pick me.

Zeitgeist features Logan C Thomas director Kota Forde-Cumberbatch & camera Amleya Clarke. Interviewed by Josué Nelson

I was interviewed...

by Josué Ramiréz Nelson the co-host of Zeitgeist on CBC TV 8. I have a lot of respect for Josué's approach to interviewing. Though I'd only met him once before, he made our interview feel like I was talking with an old friend. Considering how nervous I was about saying something stupid, he put me at ease and made sure that the interview flowed...

Part 1

Part 2

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A HUGE thank you to...

The incredible team at Zeitgeist for choosing to feature me alongside such excellent and admirable Barbadians! It's an opportunity I won't soon forget!