3 Reasons Why I Love My New Studio...

I’m happy to report that Logan C Thomas has moved into a new photography studio space! What's so great about that? Well if you know me, then you know I get super excited about anything to do with photography, particularly great light and great locations. So here are 3 reasons why I had no other choice!


In fact it's over 10 times larger than the Rockley Studio. Why does that matter? Well, the Rockley studio was... let's call it cozy. So cozy in fact that I often found myself crammed up against a wall regularly trying to frame wider portraits and catalog images, and even with my widest portrait lens it was still a squeeze!

2) LARGE North & South Facing Windows

PERFECT for shooting with natural light while indoors, though they're no New-York-Style, ceiling-height, kind-of windows they're still perfect for using that soft sunlight to produce elegant lighting for newborn, maternity, and moody portraits that make make my eyes water with joy.

3) It's LOFT style with WOODEN FLOORS

I don't know about you, but there's really something romantic about lofts. They usually have a great view of their surroundings (just like this one) and the ceilings are just too cool! The plan is to stain the ceilings white so they reflect more light, but for now they're still very woody. Talking about wood, those wooden floors though! Not only do they look great in fashion images, but they also add an extra bit of warmth, texture and character to the light and the space.

I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the space! Whether it's to rent it out(at specific full day/ half-day rates), as part of a photography package, for a fine arts event, or just to get some creative people together for a chat, but for now I'm still hard at work setting it up for my own use! My hope is that it’ll become a place for creatives (not only photographers) to come, explore, share and experiment in an artist-centered space.

But you'll just have to wait until the new year :)

Cover image taken by my sister Hayley Thomas!

Throwback to...

A fun collaborative shoot with Model: Rochelle holder in the Rockley Studio. When setups were limited to an 8 foot ceiling and a 12*16 ft space! No MORE!

Check out Rochelle's Page: https://www.instagram.com/ohara.xo/

Logan C Thomas specializes in family portraits, maternity portraits, couples portraits, vacation portraits, business portraits, fashion catalog, fashion lifestyle, fashion editorial, beauty portraits and almost everything else to do with people BUT he doesn't do events. Logan also has a fine-art photography practice and will have fine art prints available soon.